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Unable to get exact PIXEL Width / Height from div blocks

How do i get Exact PIXEL width/height on div blocks in webflow? (Not to be confused with manually setting your own pixel w / h )
I’m currently using a 3rd party tool, put its not ideal.

For example, i need to view this information in webflow like in the screenshot

Are the width and height not dependent on the resolution of your screen?

Now you have width and height of the editor included, so are the real width and height not correct? Right?


To answer your question. I usually do inspect element after preview mode. It’s just an inconvenience. I’m looking for an easier way to get designer pixel dimensions (not to be confused with zoom setting pixels), could save lots of precious minutes time when mapping out sections / grid / div flox bocks / row/column blocks etc. Adds up to hour(s) per week getting pixel pitch right that can be saved.