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How to determine the sizes of images on a website

Is there a way to determine the pixel size of a container in Webflow which holds an image (whether that container is a small container, or if it’s an entire background image for a section/container? I need to know so I can send get images resized specifically to fit those containers and not sacrifice resolution.


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If you know the picture sizes, you can use a div block. this will allow you to specify the size to be whatever you’d like. If you use a div block, you can adjust the background image to ‘cover’ or ‘contain’, whichever works better for your needs.

The webflow Containers are defaulted to a width of 940px. You can change the default width with a snippet of custom code if you would rather use a container over a div.

I hope this helped!

Thanks @Hamilton I’ll give the Div block a try. I’m not a developer so we’re piecing things together as best we can. The site is pretty simple and looks decent on the surface, but as far as how ‘clean’ and efficiently written the code is on the back end, I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvement. Do you know if there’s a service available where a Webflow expert can look through the site/code and can tweak things where necessary to clean up the code for best practices?

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No worries @rvinluan! I am no developer either. There are, however, best practices you can use within webflow to ensure a clean back end. As far as experts, there are also Webflow Customer Happiness Heroes like @Waldo that are Webflow Ninjas. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:

@rvinluan are you looking for something like a page ruler?

Be sure to save out your images for Retina displays (so they would be twice the width/height of the actual image display size).

Webflow produces production ready code, so you’re fine as far as the coding goes on the backend :smiley:

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