How can you find out what the button size is?


I’m trying to make a style guide for my portfolio.

However, I can’t figure out the size of the buttons that I am using on webflow, is there a way to figure this out? I don’t see it in the settings. I want to know the height and width of them.

Thanks =]

If it is the buttons for “see the case” studies you mean they have no pixel width. Only margins and paddings. The width itself is determined by the text inside the button.

If you need the pixel width of the “rendered” button you could get some google chrome extension which measures the dimensions of the objects on the page.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Or you can press CTRL-SHIFT-C to open the developer console, then point at the item you want to measure.


Yeah, thats right @samliew I forgot that one. After using Webflow for some time I don’t use ut so much :smiley:

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