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Unable to create Navbar symbol

So I’m trying to create a symbol using the navbar that I have created. When I select the navbar element in the designer and open the “symbol” panel to create a new symbol with it, the create new symbol button is disabled. The create new symbol button is enabled whenever I have any other element selected. I have created an interaction that is associated with this navbar element, maybe that is my issue? But even after removing the interaction, I still am unable to create a symbol out of the navbar element. Any idea how to fix this?


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Exactly, and it’s odd because I’m used to have a clear error message when I try to do this, in the like of “Symbols can’t contain dynamic things”. Also happens for “Symbols can’t be nested”.

I just checked on your site and I get the error message I’m talking about (on the right upper side)

Thanks for checking that out Vincent! It’s strange because I’m not getting
that error message, and even when I remove the interaction from the element
I still can’t get the “create new symbol” action enabled. Maybe it’s just
an issue with my machine at this point. I guess I’ll try turning it off and
on again!

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