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NavBar Symbol Appears to be correct but cannot place into a section

Perhaps it’s not a bug but could be. I followed the steps to create the navbar as a symbol. The entire Navbar highlights with a green border. However, when I attempt to place it into a section I get a message “Navbar buttons can only be inside of a Navbar” So did I do something wrong. I am guessing I did or it thinks I did not copy the entire navbar which it appears I did. Not sure how to check the code and fix
Thanks for the help in advance,

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Hey Rob,

It looks like the Nav Bar Symbol you have created for the Contact Us page is based on the Container Element with the Nav Parent. The Container is Parent to the Buttons, but it needs to be Child to the Nav Element.

You can see that the Autoworks Navbar Symbol has been created with the Nav element included.

Create a new Symbol to include the Nav Element and see how you get on.

Hope that helps,

(Home Page) Autoworks Navbar:

(Contact Us) Nav Container:

Thanks Keiran that was helpful

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