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Interactions with symbol elements possible?


I am a semi (or quarter?) professional web designer and new webflow user and am really impressed how quick I was able to produce first results. This finally motivated me to jump into basic web design concepts to leverage most of the tool.

Here’s my question: as you can see in my project, I added a separating bar under the navbar that eases in when pages begin scrolling down. This works reasonably well (even if i’d prefer closer control for timing vs scroll movements.) However, I got stuck when trying to symbolize the Navbar (including the separator div). The interaction did not work any longer, i.e. the initially hidden separator bar does not ease in when the side scrolls down. It seems for me that interactions have problems with elements within symbols? Or am I doing something in an unforeseen way?

Help appreciated, thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mjahr

I was checking on the page, and in my test I created the symbol from the nav bar, but the interaction seemed to work on my end:

Could you please update your Chrome browser to the latest version and try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode:

Sometimes browser extensions will cause rendering issues.

If the issue persists, let me know.

thanks @cyberdave - solved. I checked again, and misinterpreted another bug in my setup. I had the ease-in event set on the top container, and on some pages on the first heading, too. The latter worked, the former not, so I thought it was due to symbolizing.

thanks for your time

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