Unable to Claim Student Discount, redirected to Dash

Heyo Webflow!

I so I’ve been looking at this page: https://webflow.com/students , where I can claim a 50% discount for hosting. I filled in my email address, clicked “start building,” but I just got redirected to my dashboard. No email received (checked spambox). I already have a project going on my account, however, it’s under my personal email (not my school email); not sure if that might be the issue but I can provide proof of my school email to someone manually if that is possible. Would anyone be able to anyone help me?

Edit: My friend tired signing up but received this message: “Students from pleasantonusd.net aren’t set up on Webflow =(” Would we have to speak with our district managers to receive certification for our .net?

Thank you,

Hello Ethan,

That’s a good question for Webflow’s support team. :upside_down_face: