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Unable to choose Rich Text Field when using Add Field within an HTML embed


Did anyone found solution for this issue? It happens that there is no way to connect Rich Text field within HTML embed on Collection Template Page.

Any help will be appreciated. :raised_hands:

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is there a reason why you would want to use the rich text field VS a text field? This feature is most often used to change just a small amount of code, for example a specific selector, so using an RTE wouldn’t be needed.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your response.

This field needs to be Rich text since there are a lot of formatted text and images in it.

If this option is not provided with Webflow, do you suggest some solutions using custom code?

Unfortunately this isn’t provided natively, but I could see how injecting this area with markup could be useful.

What exactly are you looking to achieve? It may help in providing an appropriate alternative solution.

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The solution might be to render the RTF as hidden on the page then reference that as an object in your custom code or you can use the code embed inside a RTF and then display it as needed.