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Unable to change site title within SEO

I can’t seem to change the title of my website located at - it still says Example Page - Webflow Template

My general website settings are:
Site name: GanjaGold
My SEO info is:
Meta Title: GanjaGold - Your trusted brand in connoisseur quality products.
Meta Description: Ganja Gold is committed to offering a healthy cannabis experience by delivering a connoisseur-grade medicinal cannabis.

How can I change the title of the website? It is not updating after I save changes…


Here is my public share link:
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There are two section where SEO is handled one is the Dashboard settings and the other is the individual page settings in the designer.

The SEO settings on your home page are still set to the template version.

Ah thank you for posting this! I was able to fix all the titles. I appreciate it!

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