Unable to add sections on top of each other

Hey guys,

Something really annoying is happening when I add new sections to my designer. Every time I add a section, the new section doesn’t want to stack in order. So the new section doesn’t get placed at the very bottom… it gets placed at the top instead, as shown in the attached photo.

Does anyone know why this happening?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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please share read only link:



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from my side its working good ,are you directly dragging the section and placing it canvas?

yes but when I drag it to the very bottom… it won’t allow me to do so…

Will you be able to help me? @Sridhar_S

Hey! Just took a quick look at your read-only link (thanks for adding that above) it looks like this is only happening on your XL Breakpoint and the reason is your element titled section 3 has a position relative with -950 px on top, which seems to be creating a valid CSS space to drop your sections where they are going.

TLDR: If you change your section 3 to static, your sections will stack appropriately at the end of the page/how they normally would

Let me know if that makes sense.

Hey @austin I did the adjustments but its still not stacking properly…

Hey @Aly_Dabbous, I found your issue and recorded this walkthrough of what’s going on and how to fix it. Here’s the video explaining how to fix it Walkthrough Video

I’d also recommend watching some of the videos on Responsive Layouts over on the Webflow University as the improper use of absolute positioning is what is causing most of the frustrating issues you are facing in the current site you are building

@austin thank you so much !!! This helped out a lot!