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I Cant Place New Section At Bottom of Stacking Order

Hello everybody, new to Webflow and enjoying it. When I proceed to add a new section to the bottom of the stacking order in the navigator panel, it goes to the bottom but Weflow places it at the top of the lightbox section???

Untitled|562x500 lightbox section instead???

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

hi @webflowmac you should try and post your read only link so that we can have a look to see what the trouble is…

Hello IVG, thanks for the advice, as you know, I’m new to Webflow and this Webflow Forum, when I created this topic I assumed it was a post? When you say I should post it, could you talk me through that process, so I’ll know how to properly raise questions that I need to be answered in future?

Thanks again IVG


Hi, you will find that when you are creating your post there is some text at the bottom
click on that link and it will explain to you how to create a “read only” link to your project and add it to your post.

Once that is done, I or someone else on the forum can see your project and try to see what is the problem that you are having and how may we help… also please take time to explain your problem in a way that everyone can understand… it is very difficult to try to guess what people mean when they don’t clearly explain the issue…

ok, again, thank you

No problem :+1: - happy to help! We all had to start somewhere and ask for help/pointers (and I still continue to on a regular basis)