Unable to Add Multiple Custom Attributes

Anyone else having an issue with the custom attributes? I am not able to add more than one without going back to the dashboard and reopening the designer. I have several things that I need to do and it is annoying.

Maybe it’s just my computer. Please let me know if you are having the same issues. Thank you.

This is happening on all of my projects. I’m using Chrome 55.0.2883.95 on Mac.

When I add a custom attribute like a title to an image, or anything else, I can’t add another custom attribute to any other thing until I close the project and reopen it. I’ve tried restarting my browser and even the computer.

Hi @chesnut_web and @Cricitem, that sounds bizarre for sure and sounds like incorrect behavior.

Thanks for reporting this, as soon as I have more info, I will post an update.

Thanks in advance!

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After i first time add custom attribute - second time i did not do this.

Only if i change TAB and return - i can do it again.

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