BUG? Can't create Custom Attributes

Hi all, I am running into an issue where I cannot create new custom attributes.

When I add a new Custom Attribute I see the Name and Value popup appear (as shown below), but as soon as I click into the Name or Value field in this popup, the popup disappears so there is no way for me to enter data into it.


This seems like a Webflow bug but before jumping to that conclusion I wanted to check if others have run into this problem or if I am perhaps doing something wrong.


[UPDATE: Webflow has crashed on me twice while trying to work around this problem, wondering if others are seeing crashes as well? (these are Webflow crashes not browser crashes, where we have the option to send the report to Webflow)]

I just saw a crash on a readonly site as well.
It does seem something going on, I’d message support with your issue.

Normally, the first thing I’d do in your situation is turn of browser addons to make sure nothing is conflicting with the designer.

@MRobins I had the same issue. If you reload the editor, you should be able to add the attribute. For me, this didn’t remove any other custom attributes. Seems a bug indeed, but the work-around is easy in this case.


Thanks @Bureau_Breekijzer! Indeed this also works for me whenever I run into the issue. Have reached out to support as well to document it.

I’ve just noticed that this happens whenever I copy-paste a name/value from other attribute. Wondering, if this is somehow connected with Finsweet’s extention.