Custom Attributes Bug - Missing Characters

I’m having a major bug happen when I attempt to add custom attributes to an element (it’s happening on all sites that I’ve tested). As I’m typing the Name or Value of the attribute, characters that I type are being skipped over and not entered. It is especially bad if you type very fast and are on a larger site. I am constantly having to go back and retype slowly to get the attributes entered correctly.

I’m guessing this has to do with the system doing a check on every key press (checking if the attribute already exists, or if the attribute is reserved). Maybe that check needs to happen after the user stops typing for a second instead of instantly on every key press?

I am having to slow down and type very slowly which is causing a lot of extra time on my projects. Typing very fast works everywhere else that I’ve tested in the designer, it’s only in the custom attributes that this is happening.

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Yep I run into that too, mostly in custom attributes but occasionally in other fields.
It badly needs a fix, but when it’s unusable, type into something like notepad and copy-paste.

I started copy/pasting from outside of Webflow as well, that’s how unusable it is.