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Typer.js issue!

Hello fellow Webflows!

I am currently building my site and I wanted to implement the TYPER.JS animation on my site like @PixelGeek did in a webflow tutorial a while back.

It won’t work for me and I tried posting the cdn link in the browser and that didn’t show up. Do you think that’s the problem or can anyone please help? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No way to help you without code (Site url + read only link + add @PixelGeek post/tutorial).

This is really easy library to implement on webflow (Add JS + initialize the plugin by selector + add class match to this selector on Element X)
See this example + docs

Live preview

Remember you see the effect only on live website

Hey thanks!

I have been trying to implement it. Here I my site code: <<

I am trying to implement it on the little text (Brand strategy) in my hero area on the homepage.
Can you help me with it / I can pay :slight_smile: