Typekit font not showing up on mobile published/preview

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Okay so I have a few issues as I’m trying to get my mobile navigation together.

First thing is when I’m in the designer my layout looks the way I want it (outside of the orange on orange, i need to figure out to switch the logo out after - unless somebody has a quick fix):

But when I preview or publish, it’s not registering my font which shows up on Desktop but not in the mobile dropdown menu or showing up as full screen:

Also the lottie animation I used for my menu is blurry on mobile when I publish, NOTE: I did have to scale it though because the lottie had so much padding around the animation, not too sure if that’s the reason but if it is - solutions for that would be nice.

I am super appreciative of any help and down to hop on a zoom or something if it’s easier to explain that way - I know I’m asking a few questions in one post. I’m using this personal project to learn Webflow before I start offering it to potential clients.



I’m having this same issue! Hopefully someone has a solution soon. Going live on the first.