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Typeface unit dimension type dilemna

Hello There,

I have been working on my personnal website for over a month now, and I just stumble upon a big dilemna while looking at different screen resolution on Chrome. The typeface unit changed immensly from Ipad, to Iphone, and I still don’t know if thats a bug or what will the real rendering be. I cannot check because I do not own any Iphone or Ipad.

What is the most reliable typeface unit for a responsive design?

Is it Px?

Is it V.H?

Is it %?

Here is an example of the issue:

On my website this text paragraph is set to 4 VH.

This screenshot shows the webflow Ipad view within the designer

This screenshot shows the chrome Ipad Pro view…

Which view rendering to trust? Webflow or Chrome?


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Yeah this will always provide a slight challenge no matter what you use (%, px or vh). The choice is a personal preference, I tend to stick with px because you’re going to adjust sizing on screen sizes regardless. Just make sure you have a style guide that’s consistent across your site.

As you move down to tablet and mobile remember, you’re definitely going to remove images, content, etc. Users are accustomed to lean content on these devices. Figure out the most important info and remove excess sales or various statements.

This is my philosophy: Users are rarely going to visit your site on a desktop, and simultaneously pull out their phone and go to your site. They aren’t going to open your site on a laptop, then resize the browser down to a smaller size and read :slight_smile:

However, users will view at home or office from desktop, then get in the car and pull out the phone to continue viewing your site.

So the inital screen they view will be their experience; as long as, their continuation flow from desktop to mobile is neat, clean and concise they will appreciate your design and development effort.

The unit used is up to you, no matter the choice, you should definitely pare the content down. Give them a sentence or two on smaller devices.

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