Two variable hight rows in a grid

Ok, so i am trying to layout some info in a fixed height grid for the print - only view of a webpage.

See my read-only link for the actual page.
I have tried using both a flexbox and a nested grid div in the middle section of the grid, and cant seem to work it out. Either I end up with an oversized text area, and small image, or the image goes full width, and pushes text down too far.

Any ideas welcome : )

Here is my site Read-Only:

Can you please place all the elements you want for that page in your website? That way we can work with the actual elements and it’s going to be easier to teach you how to achieve what you want.

( I can see that you don’t have your text placed yet, right?)

sorry, I thought it was in the site link…
try /test/test-grid

The link goes to the right place, but I’m not really seeing any problem. From the image, you say that there’s a section with text that has a variable height. I didn’t see it. Is it there?

I can see the text.

It’s not plugged into the cms yet, as I’m going to move this to a template page when done.

Obviously each record will have varying amounts of text.

Now I see the text. Let me have a look at this.

Here is proof that Webflow isn’t the problem. I need you to re-structure your grid, make sure you have the image size in auto, and also check the grid settings. And also, place DivBlock 59 as a sibling (not a child) of DivBlock 58

That should do it. I’m sorry for not being able to fix it for you only through the forum. If you’re still not able to get it working properly, send me a PM and I’ll help you out with that

Thanks for the reply.
I have put Divs 58 and 59 as siblings, and set image size to auto. Both Div 58 and 59 are in row 2, is that what you meant?

I have also tried it as 4 rows, with both rows 2 and 3 on auto, however this doesnt work either