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Trying to make a simple grid based image feed


I have to make a simple portfolio for my graphic design work. I’ve been trying to use the grid tool to make a sort of modular grid so I can present my work. Everything in the designer looks like how I want it, but when I click to view the real preview the images are the wrong size.


I’ve nested the grid as such: Section > Grid Block > Div Block to scale the image to the amount of grid units I want the element to be. In theory this should work pretty simple but I can’t get the image to preview correctly.

I got so frustrated with trying to do this and it not working I tried just making use of simple columns to do a version of what I intended but my previews are generating the same issue where the preview has much less height length than what is shown in the designer.


Could anyone please help me? It would be really appreciated as I have to make something quite basic in not a lot of time. Webflow looked like a good option but I’m encountering this problem and it’s really holding me back. Thought it may be a bug but I’ve switched browsers/restarted a few times already and nothing seems to work.

Thanks for your time.

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Have you tried assigning a height to your divs/rows? Without the share link, it’s kinda hard to tell what’s going on.

Hello @thesilenthunt

@sarahfrison Is right, you need to set a height for the images or the grid. Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart: