Double-nested solution with CMS collections

I’m looking to create a double-nested solution using CMS collections as per below:


Keeping this exact URL structure is important for SEO purposes.
The template/content would be different across the two pages - and each page would have multiple items.

With the recent changes to WebFlow and collections in April 2023, is this now possible?
Is there any/solution or workaround other than a reverse proxy?
If reverse proxy, what’s the best way to handle it?

Thanks in advance.

No. You can place a Collection Page inside of a parent folder, but you’d need a separate collection for every “software1” variant.

There is a fair bit to it, including;

  • Rewrites from the mapped URL to the underlying page
  • Redirects from the old URL to the new one
  • Canonical fixes
  • Sitemap rebuild

I build these for clients, primarily for SEO purposes, so drop me a message if you’re interested to know more. Note: I have not adapted it to work with localized sites. The path map is predictable if your URLs are untranslated, but translated URLs adds a lot of mapping rule complexity.