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Two forms two separate emails?

I have two forms on my website but the email needs to be TWO separate emails. How can I achieve this? As it’s only letting me enter one email on the forms section.

Hey @Quantumgo you can set this up with a Zapier integration into your site, here’s a link on a how-to for setting up Zapier with your Webflow account:

Within Zapier you can setup the action that happens with each form and it’s submissions (creating Zapier Zaps is a lot of fun and super powerful!) :slight_smile:



It would be useful to have per form email notification settings though. Could this be added to roadmap?



@Waldo Can Zapier be used with go daddy emails?

I don’t understand this Zapier, it won’t let me do what I am trying to do.

Hey @Quantumgo I’ll need to play around with Zapier a little more to see how this integration would work, I believe you’d need to setup your own custom HTML responder within Zapier, and have a dropdown field of email addresses which the emails get sent to. There’s more information on how to set that up here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@waldo it’s all so confusing :weary:

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