Help! Two forms on my site

Hi people! My site has a contact form for a session related to one category and another contact form for another session related to another different category. Is it possible to have two forms with different destination emails in webflow?

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Hi @Gustavo_Pimentel, the short answer is no, not yet natively, however you can experiment with a custom workaround: Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

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Thank you! I’ll try other ways:grinning:

Is it still true in 2020 that you can only have a single form on a webflow site?

We are in 2021 and we still can have only a single form in webflow. That is utterly ridiculous, you can build amazing website but only can have a single form. You got to laugh!


@Ethan_Andrews, @Carlera
You should be able to add multiple forms in Webflow, just make sure that each form has a different name:

Yes you can add multiple forms but they all use the one global settings tab. What if the forms are for different things and you need different names, subjects and emails for each form?