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Two Client Sites Gone Live

Hi all,

Two of my client’s affiliate sites (same template) went live today!

Fully CMS’d up and include dynamically-embedding quote forms for each product (client enters the form link into the CMS and an iframe within the HTML Embed component does the rest).

Check them out and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism welcome.


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Nice job.
I like the slanted-half covered overlay on the hero image. Not sure if that was part of the template or not.

Which template did you use if you don’t mind.

Great job all around though.

great job! :slight_smile: I like how you’re using flexbox and its easy to understand where to click for more information

No template, designed and built by myself.

FYI - The slanted overlay is custom code:
.hero-cover-angle { -webkit-clip-path: polygon(0 1%, 100% 0, 75% 100%, 0% 100%); clip-path: polygon(0 1%, 100% 0, 75% 100%, 0% 100%); }

Thanks for the nice words.

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Thanks @PixelGeek,

Can’t remember the time before flexbox. How did we cope?!


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Love the site and how easy it is to find information!

One quick mention as a copywriter - the term “insurance” is a non-countable noun, which means its plural would still be insurance, as opposed to insurances.

For example, “All Insurances” could be replaced with:

  • “All Insurance”
  • “All Insurance Types”
  • “All Categories”
  • “All Types”

Great design work, and hopefully your clients are excited, too!

You learn something new everything. I will update. Thank you for this lesson and for the kind words!


Do a search on “insurances” and you will find many sites using it.

It seems it might be in use in parts of the UK.

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There’s quite a few people using the word “alot”, too. :wink:

But feel free to use it if it’s for SEO purposes and helping with conversions! However as a formerly licensed insurance agent and prospective buyer, I wouldn’t use an insurance marketplace that didn’t have the correct terminology. :slight_smile:

Also, “Insurances” is still left in the footer and nav. :wink:


Hi @Andrew,

Problem is I have already named the collection ‘Insurances’ which now cannot be changed. So not straight forward to roll out ‘Insurance’. Should of done my research but the client doesn’t mind which is the main thing.

Thanks for your help.


@roblewi5 overlay code looks like something I was just looking at by Jen Simmons. Thanks for being unique.

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@roblewi5 Browsing web for ‘quote forms’ your sites came up which are great looking sites BTW.

Can you tell me what you used to generate the forms?

Hi @FactoryCats ,

The forms were given to me as a link hosted on Quote Searcher. I used the HTML embed component to add it as an iframe. Used a neat trick of linking to external stylesheet within the form URL itself.

Hope that helps and thanks for the nice words.


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