Two clicks to open link

Hi All,

This has me pulling my hair out and i’m pretty sure its something super simple i’m doing wrong.

I’m building a site for a client who requires a mobile menu with links to sections on one long page.

I have built a custom mobile navigation, using a Lottie animation or the menu button which works fine when i’m opening the menu - i.e it takes one tap to open the menu and one tap to close.

The problem shows when i open the menu, then click on a link block. I have it set up to close the menu and reset the Lottie animation to its original state - again all works ok.

Then if you tap the menu button again to reopen it, nothing happens on the first click but if you click a second time the menu opens :slight_smile:

I have rebuilt the menu to see if i missed something but again i get the same problem.

Read Only -

Published -
Mobile view only

If anyone can take a look and help, I would be super grateful!