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Click Interaction error triggering Navmenu Button in Mobile View

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I am making something wrong or something with webflow is acting weird. It is working just fine in desktop and mobile view but when I set the menu Icon for mobile the click interaction actually is triggering the navmenu button.

The interaction is set on the blue language selector on the top left in desktop view and inside the menu on mobile view

Someone can help?


Because you’re using the navbar component, any click in the dropdown menu on mobile is going to trigger the menu to be closed.

With one exception: when you’re using a dropdown menu item, it’s going to wait for the second click, actual click on a link, to trigger the close. So look at my screencast: if you were using the dropdown component instead of a custom one, this could work as you want it to.

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Thanks for the tip Vincent. I will try that :smiley: