Mobile: Dropdown clicking link when opening

When users click on the Nav Bar hamburger on mobile devices I have it open a full screen, fixed mobile navigation menu. The problem I have is that when they click to open the menu it sends a “second click” in the same spot and opens a link that is the same position on the full screen drop down. Is there anyway to stop this?

Should I have that link div be hidden, then have an animation show the link div after .5 seconds? Or is there a better way to bring up a full screen menu for mobile?

This is not supposed to be happening. Are you sure your menu is set to opacity 0% and alsoDisplay: Hide ?

If I did that it wouldn’t show when you click on the drop down image.

Ok. I’ll help you a bit here. First of all, how the heck am I supposed to close the huge menu that appears when I click on the button? I can’t figure it out.

I just made an interaction that when you click on the menu icon is disables the link block then renables it half a second after… Sorry didn’t realize that the view only doesnt update. Grabbed that link midway through adjusting the button to close it.