Twitter Verification

As part of a three step form flow I would like to have step two have the user connect their twitter account to verify. Doing so would capture their twitter account as part of the form flow process. (Important to have them use a Twitter integration and verify this way to ensure they have a twitter account and not just have them fill in a field).

Is this possible in weblow? and what is this integration called with twitter? I keep trying to search for it but I get results stating “How to get verified on twitter” which is not what I am looking for.

Not that I’m aware of. “Connecting” a Twitter account usually means an OAuth2 integration. Either your site uses OAuth2 to authenticate a user, or you build your site as a Twitter “app” that the user authenticates into.

Both of these would require OAuth2, and therefore server-side programming, which is not available in Webflow’s internal hosting environment. Note that I’ve not done this with Twitter, only with Facebook- so there may be differences.

That aside, you might be able to verify that an account exists by calling an APi with script- but the v1 API at least appears to be shut down and I’m not seeing a current recommendation-

Another option might be to ask the user to do a Tweet from your site, containing your URL. Like “Derrek is awesome. Check out his rad site.”. They give you their username, and you look at Twitter to see if the post actually exists. If so… you consider that as proof of account ownership. Particularly if you customize the tweet to include a unique code so you can match it specifically.

Again, haven’t tried stitching this together, but Twitter’s main strength is in sharing its tweets out, so that should be accessible by RSS or a public REST endpoint of some sort. Something your scripts can query.