Voice verification after Memberstack login but before loging in

Good day.
I am developing a e-education website with lots of videos inside, payment system and user login (to manage user rights, payment abilities and open access to different videos depending on their payment plans)

I have chosen Webflow + Memberstack + Vidzflow but I have a problem.

It is a MUST to have voice verificitation system on user login. First he has to enter login and password, after that verificate voice and only after that be able to do anything on a website.

I didn’t find any login management service (like Memberstack) who can provide such option.
Memberstack doesn’t have it.

So the questions are:

  1. Is there such ready-to-use service With voice verification and ability to manage user rights and so on?
  2. If not - Is it possible to insert between logining via Memberstack and user cabinet a page with voice verification? What service to use for that? Where to dig?

Memberstack supports a range of 3rd party oauth providers so maybe talk to the team and see if an existing provider supports that, or how you could build one.

But… honestly I don’t see the point.
A 3 second voice sample can be turned into a full voice deepfake model now, and the tech is free ( and being used by scammers ).

And, even if you could ensure Bob is Bob, you’d need to go through some significant lengths to secure your video content so that only Bob can see it. I’ve not tried building a reverse proxy framework on top of Memberstack but you’d need some form of server-side security for your content… pretty sure there’s nothing secure about Vidzflow links.

Thank you for your answer. This voice verification is needed not because I really want to verificate someone. My client says that it is a Law requirment. So this is not for security but for a “check” in Law restrictions.

Yep I understand that but it’s a bit laughably pointless, as it doesn’t help you protect the content or system, and it’s too easily thwarted as an identification mechanism.

But, google “oauth voice verification” and you’ll find a lot of oauth providers that may integrate with Memberstack.

@Julian_Galluzzo do you have any recommendations for a provider?