[TUTORIAL] How To Create Unique Member Dashboards using MemberStack

Hi all :wave:

I just finished a 16 minute video screencast walking through a MemberStack integration so you can create unique dashboards in Webflow for every member.

Here’s what it walks through:

  1. Full control of your sites design in Webflow . Using the Webflow CMS to store your member accounts and unique content for each.

  2. Using MemberStack to provide members only access.

  3. With Zapier gluing the two together for a quick setup that I walk you through in this 16 minute video.


Happy to answer any questions!

If you prefer a downloadable guide (185 pages w/377 screenshots) to walk through this at your own pace you can find it here: How to create unique member dashboards in Webflow (using MemberStack)


Thanks so much for sharing this Chris :tada:

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We have to use Zapier?

No, you can use other glue services, like Integromat.

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I thought I have seen a solution for this using only memberstack and webflow CMS which is why I asked. I have no problem coding.

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Currently, outside of ecommerce, Webflow has no way of natively submitting forms directly into their CMS. Using a third party is THE workaround, that said, no coding required :wink:

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We decided to migrate the website to GCP to handle this instead.

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Are there any plans to improve the security of user-specific content from Memberstack within Webflow? @DuncanHamra

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Hey Brian, happy Thursday :wave: We have some plans to improve security around hiding basic content for lots of members. As for user-specific pages, I made a quick video that explains a few best practices to make those pages really secure right now.

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This is a great tutorial - thanks @ChrisDrit!

If anyone is looking to add analytics to their member dashboards, you can do that in a few minutes using Nocodelytics.

It works with Memberstack, Outseta etc and the dashboard comes with simple and responsive charts. It also tracks CMS engagement on member pages.

Here’s an easy to follow guide on how to build it in Webflow.

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Hey @sarwech, thanks for sharing! This looks slick :heart_eyes: Will def try it out on a future project.

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That doesn’t really work, @sarwech

A couple of issues…

  1. On the page linked (the easy to follow guide) I couldn’t signup. The signup button didn’t work on that page, I had to go to the homepage to do so. You may want to fix that.

  2. The original tutorial (posted on this thread) walks through how to set up a unique dashboard for each Memberstack member. It goes through that step-by-step.

I couldn’t get all of that set up from the guide linked, nor did it help (or even address) how to get it working specifically with Memberstack (Memberstack isn’t mentioned in that guide at all).

This solution may be a good choice on it’s own merits for many reasons, and it would most likely be better suited in it’s own thread versus this thread, but…

It doesn’t make what the step-by-step tutorial originally posted helps people with, easier.

And it doesn’t walk me through successfully accomplishing all the things this originally posted tutorial shows you how to do.

Good luck with your product!

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Thanks @DuncanHamra! Love Memberstack :heart:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Good spot, we’ve fixed that now.

  2. I appreciate you taking the time to read through our guide and try out the member dashboard feature.

Sorry to hear you couldn’t get it working. I’ll email you directly to help you sort out any technical issues and get this working.

I do want to make it clear that this wasn’t an attempt to hijack your thread! I should clarify, we’re trying to make it easier to set up analytics on member dashboards in Webflow, so that each member has access to their unique analytics :slight_smile:

Your tutorial is a great way to set up unique pages for each member. Thanks again for putting this out there!

I’ve updated my above post and also linked to your tutorial from our guide :slight_smile:

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