Paypal integration into a nonecommerce website

I am looking for a way to integrate paypal into a nonprofit website. The site is not currently ecommerce and does not need to be. Ultimately what needs to be done is the user clicks on the donation link. That link takes them to a paypal form, they put in name, address, amount (or depending on cause the amount auto populates from webflow) and the cause autopopulates into paypal. Can webflow do this if not how can we get it to do this.

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hello there.
you can solve this simply by implementing the paypal button that paypal provides.
check this out:

hope that helps. feel free to ask further questions.


Unfortunately, this does not seem to work.


Try using PayPal’s donate button.

T_Salyer : I have a similar requirement. Did PayPal’s donate buttons link work out for you?