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Turning off and on Animations

I am making everything look tidy when I bring my website to mobile view and tablet view. Though I have set up an animation that works great in Desktop. Though I would prefer to just turn off the animation while in tablet/mobile. I thought this could be done simply by clicking off it while in Tablet mode so it took affect all the way down. Though it turns the animation off as well for desktop.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.



(Animation I am referring to is the Nav bar animation. Which is attached the the top paragraph on my home page and the titles on most of the other pages.)

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That’s a known struggle, unfortunately you can’t disable / enable interactions for specific mobile breakpoints yet.

@samliew explained it in the topic below:
"The workaround for this is to have two copies. One visible for desktop only, one visible for mobile only.

Apply the interaction to the desktop one."

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