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Mobile Animations?

I seem to be having some trouble getting mobile animations to work properly. Y’all can check out the site currently at this location:

There are issues I’m working out but when scrolling down some text should appear from the bottom however there are no interactions. Is this a mobile limitation of the browsers not supporting those abilities? I’m fine removing some animation I just wanted to know what’s possible.

Hi @artman2, thanks for your question. Currently interactions are disabled on mobile devices, because they are using touch based events instead of scroll events.

So if I were you, if you have animation working for your desktop version, you should plan to use static nav menu etc for mobile and hide any elements using interactions on mobile, or keep those elements, just remember there is no interactions on those in mobile.

I hope that helps to guide you. Cheers, Dave

I have scroll based triggers on the animations not touch based ones. So technically there shouldn’t be any touching involved. However, you answered my question that there are currently not animations available unless I add in some custom code.

For example, If I wanted to have an icon which had a continual spinning background I would have to add that in as a custom styling element correct? If I wanted it to work across mobile and desktop.

Hi @artman2, sorry what I mean’t to say, was that the interactions are disabled on mobile, because the scroll triggers will not work. You can however, do as you suggest, and add a custom styling in CSS in the HEAD of your site, in Site Settings, or you can alternatively, use some jQuery to create some animation effects that should work on mobile devices. You add custom code using these instructions:

You might also check out the site, they have a lot of css animations, that you can include to your site, using custom code…those are on the bleeding edge, but it generally possible to add those to your Webflow site, but since it is custom code, we do not support that through the support desk, but you can ask questions about it in the forum :smile:

I hope this helps !! Cheers!

Yup! Thats great. Thanks for your help.

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