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Turn the tutorials into documents

Hi, I am starting to learn webflow and the videos are too much for me as I can not follow the steps one by one. when i watch the video i think I got it but when I go to do it i got confused (I am Architectural Engineer) . I am wondering if the tutorials are written with pictures and step by step explanation on a pdf or any format or as posts here. I see the information scattered here.

I currently wanting to start my own forms site and I want to do the UI/UX my self at least 90% of it before I give it to professionals.

thank you all for your wonderful product

Hi @abommuaa, thanks for the excellent suggestion.

May I suggest that you try to slow down the video and also perhaps pause it while attempting each step?

If you have any questions you can also search for and/or post them in the forum too.

Thank You :pray:

I have another question, is it possible to design a website for building forms (e.g typeform. com) using webflow?


Hi @abommuaa,

You can design any user interface with Webflow. However to turn it into a functional application, you will need custom code and databases to store form settings, which might not be entirely possible in Webflow.

Thank You man :pray: