Are there PDFs tutorials?

Videos are great but too speedy and tiny commands difficult to see. Are there PDFs anywhere on site. I can’t see any

Hello @Induna,

For the moment all official written help documentation you can find here:

Also, you can check “Tips and Tricks” category on this forum. There is many helpful tutorials and advices.

Hope it helps.


I agree, a PDF manual is much needed.

…and also, in addition to the answer of @sabanna, you can always ask specific questions here on the forum and the Community Experts, like me and @sabanna will help you out! We’re here to help! :smile:


The suggestions are useful but I like the harrydom reply the best. A PDF Manual would be so much easier. I find many of the tutorials hard to follow on video clips. Eyes are not as good as they used to be:-}

We also have a FAQ’s site. This might help you :smiley:

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