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Turn submit button to image

Hi everyone

I use the webflow form element, and I turn submit button to png, so I remove the “submit” text on the setting, but they keep coming right back. How can I permanently remove the submit text?

Thank you so much!


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Please post your read-only link so we can see.

Yes, the link is right here:
When I edit won’t show, but the preview mode and download the code will show the "submit " text, I check the code that part, is <input type=‘submit’ …> don’t have text too.

Thank you.

Gotcha… Quick question… Why wouldn’t you use a css scalable vector font, like font awesome instead of a png? I will be rendered as text vector icon that works in tandem with the text font. You won’t have any scaling or pixelation issues at all.

Easily done in Webflow. Just a simple class name, font designation in the dropdown and copy/paste into the text element, viola done. It also stays bound to the div both are inside of. Much, much easier. And SEO is way better for all your links and call to actions.

Thank you for the suggestion. It’s their default submit button, not sure I can paste the font inside there.

So anyone else finds the solution yet? I use this tutorial to change the submit button use background image, but I need to remove the “submit” text.


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