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Turn off Horizontal Scrolling on iPad and iPad Pro


I am new to webflow, I have designed my first website (link below) with the intention of horizontal scrolling on the photos in circles, on desktop base breakpoint and above only. The horizontal scroll animation is turned off on tablet and below. However on an iPad or iPad Pro the desktop version appears with horizontal scrolling which doesn’t work at all well with swiping, as there is a bit of vertical scrolling below the circles. Webflow tell me this is due to the resolution on iPads being within or above the base breakpoint range, and have suggested some custom media query code be inserted, but as this is animation that needs to be disabled on specific devices, does anyone have any ideas or advice how to do this? the horizontal scrolling of the circles by swiping on iPads looks terrible, I want it to load the vertical scrolling version as on the tablet and below settings. Any help appreciated.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Colwell bay