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Scroll Based Lottie Animation – Responsive Problems on iPad Pro

Hello webflow word,

I recently stumbled across a major responsive problem on my new website which I can’t figure out.
Check out my read only:

On the main page (casa futura) I’ve got a Lottie based scroll animation (the big moving ball) which I’m moving up for the initial state. I want it to nearly scratch the bottom of the headline and introduction text as seen here:

It appears on all screens full responsive and works quite well – but not on iPad Pro in portrait. In this case the ball doesn’t “make it” all the way to the bottom of the first section although I moved it up in the Interaction with “-16VH”. As far as I am understanding VH is a relative unit so I really don’t get it why I can’t see the ball on the large height of the iPad Pro.

I would be very happy to get some help!

All the best