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Trying to fix a div block layout problem in mobile view, please help!

Hi guys, I really appreciate your help.

In my desktop view I’ve created 4 columns with div block inside (below where it says “comunidad POOM.”) When I go into mobile view (both protrait and lanscape) the become rows, which is fine. Except for some reason my “footer section” is not below them at the bottom, rather behind them. If you guys could help me out on how to get the footer (black section) back to the bottom of the mobile view it would be great. Attached are screenshots of both views! Site link at the bottom! :slightly_smiling:


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Try to change your GrupoSection height more than 346px or just set it to Auto.


Worked perfect. Thanks for the help, I’m a rookie!

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