Nav bar settings not showing up - Tempo Template


I’m having trouble with the menu function in the Tempo template. I am unable to change the actual link names in the menu as I normally can in a standard menu. This is a pixel menu animated hamburger icon. I was able to change the link directions, but not the name of the link itself. The primary issue is that it won’t allow me to open the Menu settings … it’s not appearing as an option like it does on my other webflow sites. PLEASE HELP!

Please share your read-only link so we can advise on the actual settings you have for the project :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is our project site:

Here is our project link:

Any luck with this issue?

Yep !

It looks like a custom built Nav rather than the Webflow component - hence you are not seeing the normal editing options.

Expand all the elements in the navigation, and scroll down to the ‘Navigation Content’ div which is set to invisible (Display:None) - make it visible for editing the links (Block) - then invisible (None) again once you have finished editing the names of the links.

Hope that helps!


Just to note - as it’s a paid template, you can also email the creator for support as well (on the template showcase page there are tabs - Overview / License / Support)

Yes! THANK YOU. I was able to fix it… thank you so much.

No problem, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: