Trying to add an Entitlement CMS but it does not show up in the drop down?

It’s locked I can’t figure out how to unlock it. How can I fix this? It is much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Mary, before you can change the collection a collectionlist is bound to you have to unbind the contents. Look for the purple things e.g. 1-5 here, and check settings 6 to unbind them.

Thank you Memetican for your response.

I am not clear on what I am doing? I have looked for examples and information on unbinding and could not find any.

I am working on this new page called entitlement. I have also made a new collection called entitlement - I do not see where to pull that in. I do not want to change any other page/collection by unbinding them. I copied a page and collection and do not want what I do on this page to affect others.

I can see that my collection list is still connected to community planning - I can see your highlight of #6. I don’t know how to unbind them. Nor how to pull in the entitlement collection.

Any further direction would be helpful.

To unbind them, just uncheck that little checkbox at [ 6 ].
You’ll do that for all the purple items, which are indicated on the left side within your collection list element [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ], maybe more.

Scroll down on that right side panel and look for other purple data-bound things for each of those elements as well, you may have data-bound custom attributes, filter settings, etc.

Once you’ve gotten them all, that collection list will “unlock” and you can bind it to a different collection.

It’s actually important to learn how this works or you won’t be really able to use the CMS effectively. The Webflow U tutorials are a good resource there.

But once you understand it, you can actually use 3rd party tools to shortcut it;

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I cant unbind the empty state nI have gone to the page as well do not see where to do that.

Finsweet looks like a great tool - I can’t tell what is still bound - it is not clear what that is to me? I went to the page as well and could not see anything that would still bind the page - I looked at the empty state as well. Maybe you’ll have some insight. Seems complex and not sure why? And thank you. M


Something is still linked? I don’t see it - can’t find it?

Nice work- in your nav expand the Project Name Container element, you have some more bound links in there.

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Will that mess up the rest of the site - or will it only apply to this page and CMS collection?

Only this collection list. The exception would be if you had it in a component you’re using elsewhere, but you don’t.

Thank you. I did not see that it was still linked in the Project Name. Now I can link to the entitlement collection and hope it works. THANKS

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