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Changing CMS Source

Hello! I am using a UI kit that has a CMS flow established, but I need to UNLINK the Current CMS category and relink a new one… I have gone through everything and when I click on the navigation to unbind the element, the purple box indicating CMS element and category is locked. It’s unchangeable.How do I unlock the CMS elements and rebind with a different CMS element? thank you for any help. Also, just so you know, I am a new Webflow user and my tech knowledge is very limited… TY for any help!

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can you help? muchas gracias! :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if you can share a read only link to your project.

I’m having a similar issue. I copied and pasted a collection list and want the copy to have a different cms source, but it is locked. Is there a way to unlock the source? Did you find a solution?

Hi Paul, in order to unlock the CMS source, you must edit the elements inside of the Collection Item and remove any references to CMS fields.

  1. Find all the purple colored elements underneath the Collection Item element.

  2. Remove the reference to the CMS field, in this case, just uncheck the box.

  3. Once the Collection List and Collection Item are the only purple elements remaining, you’ll be able to change the CMS source.

Hope that helps!


There is another route because I kept coming into the issue that even if made all the purple locks unlock there was a mysterious one I couldn’t figure out. beginner woes.

So I went into the CMS Category Settings panel and at the bottom of the page is a “view connections”. I deleted any connections from the pages I was working on… Probably not the right way, but it worked for me!

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I followed all of the advice in this post (I think), but I am still stymied by a CMS source that won’t unlock.

  1. I duplicated the original CMS page I now want to use with a different CMS collection source.

  2. I created a new CMS collection.

  3. I disconnected all of the purple elements in the collection item elements on the duplicated page. All of the photos from the original CMS collection instantly disappeared.

  4. I went into the CMS settings for the new CMS collection, and when I “viewed” the connections, I was informed that there were no connections.

Nevertheless, the CMS source for the duplicated page is still locked in the Connection List settings on the duplicated page and I cannot change it.

What am I doing wrong???

Thanks! Bill

Hi Bill,
I have encountered the exact same problem as you. But when I unlinked the “link” (the link block I added before) with the collection by chance, it works! I can change the source now. So you can check if the link block is the thingy that bothers you. Hope it helps.