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Trustpilot Schema not seen by Google

Hi all -

We are having an odd problem in our Webflow-based site.

Our customer has Trustpilot and we use the (very simple) code to display their star rating. It is also set to use rich snippets - which should set schema data about the organisation from Trustpilot at runtime. And this has been working correctly. However we have noticed that it has now stopped working as far as the schema data is concerned. We have not changed the code (and we have checked it), the TrustPilot stars etc are still working, we have not had any notification from Google that we have been penalised in any way. Looking at the site in shows other schema data but not anything from Trustpilot.

Another odd thing is if we look at the site using the Javascript console (in either Chrome or Firefox) as it loads we see absolutely nothing at all - just completely blank.

So we know that the other schema data is being seen correctly, that the Trustpilot widget is working and the site displays correctly. Could Webflow be somehow blocking the data? Has anything changed in the last week? Why is the JS console not showing anything at all?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Jon

Without sharing your published URL or a webflow share link, there is no way to see what is going on.


Here is the share link:

There are no errors in the console. That is a good thing.

Webflow only needs to serve the scripts you embed or add to the custom code areas of the site or page. They are all loading. You should escalate a ticket with trustpilot.

Aside from that, you could start isolating potential script collisions by removing other third party scripts from the page load to see if that resolves the issue.

Thank you. I cannot imagine there are script conflicts since it was all working a few days ago. I think Trustpilot will have to be our next port of call.

Your welcome. With scripts being served by the third party services, it is hard to tell when they update them, which they can do at will. So the soup is subject to change!

Further to this, it is not just TrustPilot.

We have run an affected page through Google Search Console. It is showing that any script being called in from elsewhere is not running.

Shows this.

We have also looked at the same TrustPilot snippet on other domains and it is working.

Which console were you looking at?

Shows nothing.

So it looks as if the page is OK, but it looks as if some security setting somewhere is stopping external spiders accessing and crawling the site. Javascript on the site works OK of course. Looking at the schema using other tools/bots gives the same result so its not just Google.

The front end url is if you want to have a look by crawling it yourself.

Oddly enough this has now suddenly started working again! We just happened to test it again and it was working again. Who knows why…