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Rating & Review Schema Code

Hello Friends,

I am adding Review and Rating schema code in my website. After that rating and review were started showing in Google search result. But now suddenly rating and review were stopped showing in the search result. Schema code is the same, there is no change in schema code. Can you please help me to resolve this issue. Why it is happening and how would I get a rating and review in google search result.

Hi @Himanshu_Srivastava, it will help to know the link to the published site and what search terms you are using.

Also, the read-only link to the site in Webflow will help to take a look further:

Thanks in advance

Hi @cyberdave
Find below the mention link where I were added schema code

I ask you how you got the SSL certificate with the name. ssl

Hi @Himanshu_Srivastava, thanks for the reply, and for hanging in there.

I took a look and from what I can see, there are no validation errors in the schema:

As a note however, I can see that the site is not hosted in Webflow, so there may have been some external factor involved, but I do not have visiblity to that as the site is not hosted in Webflow.

I would recommend to recheck your schema code, here is a good article that shows a good example:

@Darren_Cassar, the cert is different because the site is not hosted in Webflow.

Users VS spiders

The structured data on the page should describe the content of that page…You should not add structured data about information that is not visible to the user, even if the information is accurate. Google Official - Introduction to Structured Data

No red errors (like @cyberdave told you) - but JSON-LD - not 100% match the markup. Also, add by the HTML the textual rating (Like IMBD).



Thanks to @Siton_Systems’ help on another thread, I found this resource:

It is wonderfully easy to use AND it forces you to limit your mark-up to just what is actually visible.


Hii All… I have added schema code for review rating in my website. But it’s showing reviews on a few pages in search results not for all the pages.

Is anything wrong or anything specific we need to check.