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Trouble with Webflow tabs on site

Hi !!!
The tabs dont work ? When i click in there, dont open and take me back to home…

The tabs are working for me… can you please share your read only link as well as a screencast of the problem?

Thanks! :grinning:

Read only link:

Same here.
Everything is working. Just images are loading slow.

yes here !

when passing the mouse pointer over appears my url , that should not happen, look !

Hey, @diegokenji

I am no Linux OS, checked your site in the Chrome and Firefox and do not get any links when hovering tab-links:

What System and Browser version do you use? Probably you just need to upgrade it?

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Win 7 64bits

Google Chrome
Versión 51.0.2704.63 m (64-bit)

Everything fine and working here.

(p.s. you should considering using smaller images within that content area of the tabs ;P)

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