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Trouble with sort order in Dynamic List


I just added a new city to my data base collection “locations”. It appears in the expected. But the city “Halle/Saale” doesn’t jump to its alphabetical place. It always appears at the end or the start of my list, depending on the order a-z/z-a. To me it looks like the cities are sorted by creation date. When I created the list I did it alphabetically. Now “Halle/Saale” is the newest.

What could be the Problem with my dynamic list? (on the right)

Hi @denimbrands, it looks like the sort is applied to the location field, and for the Halle/Saale item, the location is “Halle/Saale”. The other items have a location starting with “in” as in “in Kiel”

I would suggest to sort by Name, which has the items in alphabetical order, or change the Location field contents to start with the actual location name, not “in”.

I hope this helps! If not, please share the read-only link to the site, and I am happy to help out further:

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YES! … you are so right! Thanks a lot for finding my mistake :slight_smile:

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