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Bug(?) with uppercase and lowercase in Dynamic list A-Z sort order

When setting a sort order based on name to alphabetical A-Z in a dynamic list, names that start with uppercase is listed before lowercase, like this:

  1. Alpha
  2. Charlie
  3. Delta
  4. Echo
  5. bravo

I have a list with company names. On of the companies is called eStep. This company is placed at the bottom, bellow Z, not under E like it should. If I change the name for eStep to Estep the position is right. Any fix to this?


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Two hacky solutions:

  1. Use custom code to re-sort them.
  2. Make all lowercase, and use CSS first-letter to make the first letter uppercase.
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Thanks for your reply @samliew :slight_smile: I’m just a designer not a programmer so will have to do a bit research on these solutions, hoping for a “settings solution” in Webflow in the meantime :wink:

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