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• Issue: Dynamic list sorting by date


I am experiencing some issues when trying to sort dynamic list elements from a dynamic list in “Newest to oldest” sort order. Here is a screenshot of my settings applied to the dynamic list.

All I am trying to do is to display dynamic items in order from the sooner to the latest (in the future)
Here is a link to my project

The issue can be found on the page:

and the element:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Newest to oldest refers to the date, then the time.

In Webflow, there is no time, just “moments” where date and time are set.

Is there a reason you’re using fileds for dates and other fields for time? What are the dates set with time?

How do you expect to sort on time when they also have dates attached?

There are probably workarounds to achieve your sorting. Possibly we’ll use # or text fields for that. Tell me more.

This is a serious limitation and we’re a handful of people to actively, regularly pushing for the system to be better (date, time, international time format etc). Good news is our arguments seem to be well received, I’ve been ask to clarify a few points several times, so I hope we will get more features around this soon.

A list of things that aren’t possible with Webflow CMS with date/time, yet:
— a date field that has no time
— a time field that has no date
— use international time (AM/PM didn’t bring you to the moon! :wink: )
— break down time data in hour, minutes, seconds etc (mainly for style purposes)
— filter on time (like “What’s the earliest screening of all the screenings entered for the whole summer”)
— filter on a given month (“all events in August”)
— filter on a month range (ie: calendar season, sport season etc)
— filter on a date range
— filter on a time range


Hey @vincent thanks for the thorough answer and clarifications.

I thought I could specify the date in one field and the time in another so I could separately specify the date(21dec to 24dec) of an event and the time on another field (18.00-21.00). My client has often events over weeks.

Wasn’t aware about the “moments”. Will work my way around it.

Thanks for now.

*did we go to the moon eventually?

As for this structure, I don’t see why you’d ever need to have to filter or sort on the time part of an event info. Right?

I mean it makes no sense to want to know the time of an event before its date, and if your client wants to filter on something specific, it’s easy to address that by adding an option field (ie: morning, afternoon and evening event)

WF CMS has limitation but here it’s almost a database design question :slight_smile:

So the time part of your events can be entered as text. One or two text fields. Two offers better options for styling. And you can still filter on them using “Equals”. If it’s always round hours you can set a pair of option fields too.

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Hey @vincent,
Thanks for the remarks. I have now deleted the time field as I understand it being redundant.

However, my original issue persists, sorting my date field.
I cannot manage to sort my fields from “newest to oldest”. I would like the event closest to the present to be featured as first with the followings displaying chronologically. Now I manage to get the opposite result but am not able to invert the sorting order.

Can’t workout what I am doing wrong :frowning:

Any help would be great!

Nothing, you’re just reaching a limitations.

What I can propose is that orkaroudn: add a numarical (#) field to the collection. Then add a digit for each of the events. Start at 10, then 20, 30 etc. Which allows you to add 11, 21 etc, evens in between. Then you can sort lists on that field values.

Not ideal I know but in the meantime it will do the job.

Hey @vincent,

Oh wow, that would be a mess for my client as they add events on a daily basis and having to work out numerical reference for dates would be a real pain. Are you sure it is not possible to sort chronologically? Seems pretty basic matter, probably lots of people encountered this before.

It is currently sorting chronologically, just the opposite direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: from the furthest to the closest. I just need to invert the behavior.

Thanks for trying to help me with this :muscle:

Newest to oldest and oldest to newest don’t work on your side? I’m confused now :smiley:

Nop, they don’t work… when I change form one to the other there is no change in the order.

I just spent sometime on it.

Can you please:

  • delete your list (I know…)
  • remake it from scratch (I know…)
  • reapply your sorting rule

You may have fiddle with it too much…

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Thanks for trying to find a fix.
I just deleted my list (outch) and made it from scratch but nothing.
Sorting still does not work.

A screenshot with “Oldest to newest” and dates printed out from list items

A screenshot with “Newest to oldest” again dates printed out from list items

Absolutely nothing happens when switching between the two sorting options.
I wonder what’s the issue :scream:

Hi @mattia

We’re currently investigating this issue. I’ll get back to you with any updates once the issue is fixed.

Thanks for your patience.

Kindest regards,

Hey @AnnaKelian I managed to resolve the problem, but indeed it seems to me to be a buggy behavior.

Apparently you only have a shoot at it, the sorting only works if you select it the first time. Toggling between the two sorting mechanisms won’t work. What I had to do was to delete the sorting and definite it a second time without ever changing it. Not sure if this is clear.

Thanks for your support!

Yes, Mattia. That is clear. It is exactly how it happens on my end too when I’m reproducing the issue.

Thanks for letting me know!

Hope I’ll get back to you soon with a fix for the issue.

Glad there’s a workaround for now.

Kindest regards,

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