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Trouble with Recently Bought Template



Resizing Main Video: I’m unable to re-size the vimeo video to fit in line with the other slider images - here is an example screenshot of the current video - any help with this would be great (would like it to be the same size/fit into the sliders)
Slider with video (it falls way below the fold):
I don’t mind losing the slider completely as long the video fits neatly within the frame

Hidden Menu:
There is a menu that follows the page in white:
However - when I go to navigator & select this menu - I’m unable to change the text of the navigation links - it doesn’t appear in the - see here:

Hi, that link doesn’t work anymore, could you produce it again?

Hey vincent - here is a preview link:

See slider 3 for re-sizing main video

What size do you want to video to take? It’s unclear because your slide reference is only all black. You want the video to go from end to end of the browser?

In any case, the video is difficul to visually size, because the original file contains a lot of black margins, see here on vimeo:

those black margins you can remove neither on vimeo or webflow. You need a better version of the video (which by the way must be highly subject to copyright).

Oh got it. I was primarily using that as a place holder video. Lets try using this one:

Ideally - I’d like this to look something like this:

Is this better?

Hey Vincent - Just checking in to see if you had any thoughts on fixing the video (no slider needed) & updating the menu.


@vincent any update or thoughts on how:

  1. Update the menu
  2. Adding the video


Hi @ampdlife, from what it looks like, you’ll need to add a video widget and make sure that your sibling elements are absolutely positioned with a higher z-index than the video.

As for the menu, try using the settings tab in the right side panel and in the menu options click “open menu”

Also, you can reach out to the template designer for direct support too :smile:

Hope this helps!

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