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Hi there,

I’m having issue when I put a Wistia video in the slider, however it’s working outside of it.
Here is my site:

I used the advice from [Tutorial] Responsive Video using HTML Embed to make the video responsive, but in the slider, it gets super tiny.

I use Chrome and Safari, same thing, and on the iphone in vertical it gets extremely tiny + a mess on all the videos if you try horizontal then vertical (black space appearing on the sides).
Any help?

Hi @joonthemove, sorry for the late reply.

I would check a couple things to see if it helps.

First, remove the 10% left and right padding on the Testimony Slide class:

Second, select the Div block narrow for testimonials and change the left and right margin to auto:

This will make the video you have embedded fill the slide edge to edge. If you want to have the arrows not lay on top of the video, give the Div block narrow for testimonials class, a left and right padding higher than 50px (50x is the width of the slider arrows).

You can play around with it to see what looks best for you.

Try those things and see if it helps !

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Thanks Dave,
Works as it should :slight_smile:

However, as a small and not urgent comment, when I look at the site on my iphone in vertical, then horizontal, and vertical again, the videos mess up a bit, taking twice the width of the screen…


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