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Trouble with published view on mobile with overflow

I have published my yet undone site to

Nothing is as it seems (in preview mode) with spacing, element position…the entire layout is off centered in portrait for both tablet and mobile upon publish and live viewing.

Am I supposed to guess how to align elements instead? Am I using preview mode wrong?

Everything looks centered to me. I suggest publishing to the subdomain and testing positioning as you go. Webflow isn’t like wix or other wysiwyg editors. It bases everything on the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. If you don’t have at least a general understanding of how those work, things can get difficult and frustrating very quickly.

I suggest watching the videos here

Good Luck.

Thanks! I’ve watched the videos. I’ll watch them again to see if I can pick upon on anything I’ve missed. Although not a CSS expert, I don’t feel like it’d be hard for me to grasp and I do have a very basic understanding and growing.

I’ll continue to troubleshoot manually.

Make sure you are not using any fixed widths on mobile. :wink:

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Ahhhhhh that might be kicking me in the pants there…Thanks I’ll revert back to auto!

yeah, always use auto or a percentage for width as a rule of thumb. Sorry I missed this, i was only looking on desktop. Nice one Vlad!

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Thanks I’ll try the percentage too…I’m having trouble now too @DFink with desktop view just sized down (ie split screen view)…elements move…is that the same problem?

In my opinion, the biggest issue with the site’s design is it is trying to be a desktop only style design with the border. When you deal with responsive web, generally it’s best practices to allow sections contain the full width of the viewport or be divided equally to add up to the full width. If you look at some of the webflow templates you can get a good idea of the types of designs that work well and are completely responsive. I think if you try to design your site with content forward and not worry so much about exact positioning on desktop, you’ll allow content to control the shift as you go down devices.

I’ll def keep this in mind…doesn’t help that I’m spastic with details :frowning:

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